Queering a dissertation submitted for a Masters degree, this book explores how strategies of Technology as Self-reflection and Radical Sharing, Queer Love and Queer Disobedience contribute to “making whiteness strange” by destabilising the normal invisibility of whiteness to bring the white body under surveillance.

Published in Germany in 2018 by iwalewabooks, this 280 page book is vividly illustrated with notes, process drawings, photos, and memes. Order for 25€ direct from the publisher.

Limited signed copies of the book are available in South Africa direct from the artist
R420 per copy, Students R390. Postage: R150 postnet-to-postnet

Transitions, in search of an authentic queer

The images and text in the book document the experiences of a life being realised in real time, and for the most part shared immediately on social media. Dean Hutton is on a mission to explore how mobile phones have changed how we interact as communities; how we physically live on an international stage in the virtual; and how these media possibilities have empowered the liminal voice to shout, to be, without restriction. The accessibility of the tools reflects another interest: in making art that is utterly consumable, simply and beautifully bridging the gaps between artist, subject and the audience’s relationship to us. Their interest remains the narratives of people who inform social concerns. making work for people, not for art’s sake, nor for artist’s sake. It is work made within and for public spaces and the people occupying them. It is visceral, immediate. Not an exercise but a story: feelings, friendship, human beings being human. Love.

150 copies, signed, numbered, hand embossed.
120 pages including photography, and texts by Dean Hutton, Alberta Whittle, Katherine Robinson, Phillippa Yaa and Brooklyn Pakhati.

I, Joburg Limited Edition book

HUTTON does not love JOBURG. THEY crave it. THEY ARE obsessed with JOBURG. THEY treat its streets and depressions and valleys, its people much like a stalker would. THEY ARE a menace. JOBURG is not just home, she is a muse. 32 Pages of photographs by Dean Hutton and texts by Maria Fidel Regueros, Myer Taub, Lesley Perkes, and Phillippa Yaa de Villiers. 100 copies, signed, numbered, hand embossed.
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