portrait of Dean Hutton by Juanel de la Forêt

Dean Hutton is a genderqueer trans media artist provoking dialogue about the gaze, queer bodies, love and social justice. A.K.A. Goldendean, they have worked across photojournalism, print, digital, video and social media, performance and community action since the late 1990s.

Their strategy of simple,  often improvised actions by a “Fat Queer White Trans body” share moments of soft courage to affirm the right of all bodies to exist, to be celebrated and protected. Their extensive studio practice, as a photographer and a visual artist producing works on paper, digital video and sculptural objects, bridge intersecting genres of documentary, fiction and fantasy to produce radical queer counter narratives of love and belonging to disrupt spaces where they don’t “fit”.

(1976, ZA)
*Genderqueer is a non-binary transgender identity. Please use They/Them gender-neutral pronouns.

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Goldendean_Queertime_100ways.mp4 from Theater Neumarkt on Vimeo.


ICA Podcast with Dean Hutton: Featuring an in-depth interview with Dean Hutton, and including contributions from ICA Director Jay Pather and theatre-maker and performer Warona Seane, as well as questions and responses from audience members in Hutton’s live interventions.

The Impossibility of the Care/Free Player journal article in Public Art Dialogue by Dean Hutton and Anthea Moys