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#goldendeaniscoming. Germany And Switzerland April & May 2019 is a city-wide dance festival bringing the best of contemporary dance practices and innovations from around the world to Zurich.

Saturday 4 May 2019 (Zürich) PERFORM Breathe Goldendean, 3pm @Kulturehaus Helferei, Kirchgasse 13, 8001 

Sunday 5 May 2019 (Zürich) Book Launch Plan B,2-4pm @Kosmos. Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 

Lausanne: Art Festival interested in Body, Gender & Sexuality 

Friday 10 May 2019 (Lausanne) PERFORM Breathe Goldendean La Fête du Slip6pm 

Saturday 11 May  2019 (Lausanne) PERFORM Breathe Goldendean 6pm

Arsenic Rue de Genève 57, 1004 Lausanne

Travelling Cultural Exchange Residency with Marcel Schwald in Queer activist spaces

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 (Basel)artist talk and exchange in the frame of the exhibition „May: Month of Work” at Kaskadenkondensator Project space for contemporary art and performance

Geneva: with outragecollectif and FluidRadikal

Wed, 15 May 2019 (Geneva) Mxnifest(u)topia collage Workshop with trans-activists 6.30pm

Thursday, 16 May 2019, (Geneva) PERFORM Breathe Goldendean 8 to 10pm decolonial ANTIRACIST collective Platform programming artists with anti-oppressive positioning (queer feminists, transforms, trans *, non-binary and / or racialised persons)

Bern: Frauenraum Bern Wagenplatz Bethlehem: A radical queer trailer park

Saturday, 18 May 2019 (Bern) PERFORM Goldendean Bread in Bern Bethlehem, followed by a gathering (traditional cake production)

Sunday, 19 May 2019 (Bern) BRAINSTORM QUEER SUMMERCAMP/ ACADEMY and artists talk. 



Annual Zurich dance festival has been running since 2006. It was organized by the dance network Reso throughout Switzerland and in cooperation with local partners in various cities. The City of Zurich recognized the potential of this event and decided to focus on dance within the framework of the legislative focus on the cultural and creative city of Zurich. Since then, the dance festival has been called the annual Zurich dance festival under the new name ZÜRICH TANZT.

 La Fête du Slip 

a multidisciplinary festival that explores the themes of body, gender, and sexuality in art. Our shortflim competition aims to reward films that present a high artistic quality, explore fresh ideas about gender and sexuality, in new and innovative ways. We particularly encourage films that explore new approaches to erotic narratives, and that renew traditional representations of bodies, genders, and sexualities.


Marcel Schwald works as a director, dramaturg and writer in Switzerland, and currently also in Greece and India. He is active in the fields of theatre, dance and performance art.

In his work, he mixes practices of theatre, performance art, community work, journalism and sociology. Besides a strong collaborative aspect, Marcel Schwald’s pieces often question some of the predominant eurocentric/western narratives in the social, political and aesthetic discourse and try to formulate different proposals considering the interrelations in a globalized world. The material for this can be an avant-garde novel, telling a western migration story such as Gertrude Stein’s THE MAKING OF AMERICANS, as well as narratives of transgender identity in India, like in EF_FEMININITY – Kaskadenkondensator Basel – Frauenraum Bern

Wagenplatz Bethlehem (no website) – Outrage Collectif Lausanne & Geneva – FluidRadikal Geneva

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